OSCE Lithuania

Human Rights Defense z.s. - HRD-NGO has received the proof of delivery from the Permanent Rerpresentation of Lithuania to the international organizations in Vienna in the case of Lithuania.

Human Rights Defense z.s. - HRD-NGO has sent the answer to the letter of the Secretary General of the Council of Europe of 17 August 2017 in the case of Lithuania.

Sent to :

Lietuvos Respublikos nuolaniė atstovybė prie Europos Tarybos

Lietuvos Respublikos užsienio reikalų ministerija

Council of Europe, the Secretary General

for the attention of :

Council of Europe, Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights

Council of Europe, European Court of Human Rights

Organization for Security and Co-operatin in Europe

United Nations, Vienna Service Office Vienna

United Nations, Palais des Nations, Office Geneve

Permanent Representation of the Republic of Lithuania to the International Organizations in Vienna, Austria

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