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NGO makes available the case BULLYING OF NGO.

Temporarily disabled

In effect on 28 September 2020

Bullying of NGO

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1. The NGO evaluated the situation of the case Bullying of NGO.

2. The Secret Services shall legally and physically attack NGOs through the Public Prosecutor's Office.

3. The Secret Services pursue the goal that NGOs must defend themselves.

4. The Secret services misuse the legal professional texts of legal defenses by NGOs for their political purposes.

5. The NGO has taken the following measures :

a) The NGO ceases to defend itself.

b) The Head of the NGO agrees with the statement of the public prosecutor's office that she is seriously mentally ill and that she will be treated for psychiatry on an outpatient basis.

c) The Head of the NGO fully complies with the requirements of the Public Prosecutor's Office that she will stop working completely and watch films and read magazines at home.

d) The NGO temporarily dismisses the case of Bullying od NGO in all foreign language versions.

e) The Public Prosecutor's Office agrees that if the case is made inaccessible on the Internet, the Public Prosecutor's Office will not force the Head of the NGO to eat lethal doses of Rivotril and Gerodorm.

f) The NGO assessed that the gradual inaccessibility of all cases is the best possible defense.

g) The legal defense methodology is the intellectual property of NGOs and not of the Secret Services.